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American Guild of Organist National Convention 2014 Best Sellers

Douze Courtes Pièces, Volume 3, Twelve Short Pieces, Op. 64 - Rachel Laurin

A collection of twelve pieces: Chromatic Fantasietta; Procession in Variations; Fugue on a Bird's Song; Scherzetto; Toccatarina (to Katarina); Asian Legend; Badinerie on LOBE DEN HERREN; Chorale Prelude on MIT FRIED UND FREUD; Romance (Wedding Melody); Impromptu; March of the Volunteers; and Chromatic Trio.

Faneuil Hall - Pamela Decker

A musical portrait of the landmark Faneuil Hall in Boston that housed pivotal meetings and events in the history of the United States. This work pays tribute to the city of Boston.

A Carol Nativity - Alfred V. Fedak

Organ Demonstrator No. 48 (A Biblical Pageant for one or more Narrators, Organ, Congregation, and optional Actors) for upper elementary school students.

The Complete Organ Works, Volume 7, Six Trio Sonatas and Miscellaneous Trios - Johann Sebastian Bach

Edited by George B. Stauffer
Presents all existing variant movements of the Six Trio Sonatas and, for the first time, the six miscellaneous trios ascribable to Bach and the four miscellaneous trios ascribable to Bach's direct circle. Includes the first ever, published, correct rendering of the ending of the first half of the slow movement of Trio Sonata 3 in D Minor.

The Organ Music of Carson Cooman, Vol. VIII, Piccoli fiori musicali, Solo Organ - Carson Cooman

Monody, Op. 949; Planctus, Op. 951; Lamento e Giga, Op. 948; Canzona II, Op. 943; Sinfonia, Op. 945; Rondeau, Op. 947; Bicinium, Op. 978; Dos breves apuntes, Op. 946; and Hornpipe, Op. 934.

Larry King: The Organ Music for solo organ and organ and tape (CD)

Edited by Cherry Rhodes and James Simms Fanfares to the Tongues of Fire; Resurrection; and Revelations of Saint John the Divine for organ and tape. Includes a CD for performance and practice sessions.

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