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About us

In December 1988, Wayne Leupold founded Wayne Leupold Editions in Cazenovia, New York. He began the business in the basement of his home, and his next door neighbor was the only employee (nine hours per week). Wayne's desire was to publish high-quality editions of nineteenth- and twentieth-century organ music. The first publications, produced in 1990, were exhibited and sold at the 1990 National Convention of the American Guild of Organists in Boston, Massachusetts. At first, its exclusive distributor was ECS publications (E.C. Schirmer) in Boston, Massachusetts. Initially, a limited amount of choral music and books dealing with the organ and organ music were published.

About a year later, the company moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, and eventually found a suitable office building in an industrial park in Colfax, a suburb of Greensboro. In 1992, Wayne began development of publications for teaching the organ at many different levels; the first publication was the First Organ Book, initially published in 1995, and now used worldwide as a traditional beginning organ method. Subsequently, many other teaching publications have been developed in the series Discover the Basics®, Discover the Organ®, Organ Skills, Annotated Performer's Editions, and Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire.

Wayne Leupold Editions opened a new division in 2000 with the publication of its first collection of new hymn texts. That department has expanded to include over fifty collections of new hymn tunes and/or texts, totaling over 2000 new hymns for use in houses of worship.

In 2005, Wayne Leupold Editions began doing all of its own distribution. The following year, a new book department was conceived and dedicated to the history and literature of the organ, as well as biographies of famed organists.

Currently, Wayne Leupold Editions has six employees dedicated to creating and publishing the highest-quality organ music from all historical periods; organ teaching materials; books dealing with "all things" organ; and new hymn texts and tunes. They are proud of and devoted to the expansion of this unique company; however, their first priority is always "quality above quantity."

Wayne Leupold Editions 8510 Triad Drive, Colfax, NC 27235, USA 800-765-3196