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Welcome to Wayne Leupold Editions Hymn Database

Wayne Leupold Editions (WLE) has a rapidly expanding online database of new hymn texts and tunes, an invaluable resource for any church. Hymns and congregational songs can be found to suit any service, season, or occasion. One copy of any selection may be downloaded for personal use only. For additional copies in any format a church must:


1. Have a license from CCLI,, or LicenSing, and report the use of WLE material directly to the respective licensing agency, or

2. Apply for a license directly from Wayne Leupold Editions (WLE). There are two types of WLE licenses:

single usage license

A SINGLE USAGE LICENSE for the use of ONE WLE copyrighted hymn (words and/or tune) ONE TIME to be printed in a bulletin, printed program, or individual printed song sheet. Rates are:

  • * 1-499 copies, $15.00
  • * 500-900 copies, $20.00
  • * 1000-5000 copies, $30.00

* Request a quote to print more than 5000 copies.

View request for a Single Usage License
(One-time use)

continuous usage license

A CONTINUOUS USAGE LICENSE for the use of ONE WLE copyright hymn (words and/or tune) ONE YEAR in a locally produced songbook, song sheet, collection of songs, slides, or overhead transparency. Rates are:

  • * 1-500 copies of one hymn (words and/or msic), $40

To preprint more than 500 copies, request a quote.

View request for a Continuous Usage License (One-Year use)
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