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Arthur Poister, Master Teacher and Poet of the Organ - David C. Pickering

Arthur Poister, Master Teacher and Poet of the Organ - David C. Pickering

Product Review (submitted on January 5, 2019):
"Arthur Poister, Master Teacher and Poet of the Organ" is one of the most thorough, carefully constructed and well-documented biographies ever published. Beyond its extraordinary academic value, it is written in an interesting and engaging style. that captivates the reader from the start. It is so good that I have read it several times from cover to cover.

No stone in Dr. Poister's brilliant career is left unturned The detail and care with which Mr. Pickering assembled the information from a wide spectrum of sources is nothing short of astounding.

This book is not only a wonderful gift to the organ world and devotees of Arthur, but essential reading for the wider musical community and is the "gift that keeps on giving" through AP's "helmsman" Mr. Pickering. who finally puts into words this "giant's" life and career.

I have also learned so much about figures hertofore only "lurking" in the back of my head. Names like Edwin Arthur Kraft, Clarence Dickenson, William Middelschulte and others were illuminated as Pickering brought them in and out of the Arthur's narrative.

This book astounds and delights. It forms a new cornerstone in musical biography which no library or rmusician's shelves should be without.

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