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The Organist Companion



The Organist’s Companion™

A bimonthly, 32-page journal of quality organ music, chosen from all the major historical periods, nationalities, and styles of organ music. Approximately one-third of each issue is music from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (Baroque Era) and one-third from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Romantic Era). The final third consists of pieces composed specifically for this journal. Some compositions are for manuals alone; others are for manuals and easy pedal, on two or three staves. The music in each issue is chosen to be appropriate for the season of the year of that particular issue. Many compositions are based on seasonal hymn tunes.

Compared to The Keyboardist’s Year™ compositions in The Organist’s Companion™ (1) are slightly more difficult, (2) have more pedal, (3) often are notated on three staves, and (4) have more pieces from earlier historical periods.

The Organist’s Companion™ is now in digital format (starting with the November 2016 issue). If you subscribe to the printed issue, the digital format is included at no additional cost. However, a digital subscription may be purchased separately at a lower rate.

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