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Divisions on the Moravian Tune HAYN HAYN Boeringer, James 34/3, March 2012 WL620041
Two Pieces for Easter - Celebratory Postlude GELOBT SEI GOTT GELOBT SEI GOTT Esmond, James Douglas 34/3, March 2012 WL620041
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All Hail the Power of JesusName" CORONATION CORONATION Rutz, Harold 34/3, March 2012 WL620041
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Just As I Am" WOODWORTH WOODWORTH Rutz, Harold 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
WERE YOU THERE WERE YOU THERE Nixon, June 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
Wer nur den lieben Gott Lässt walten WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT Brandt, August 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
My Faith Looks Up to Thee, OLIVET OLIVET Staszeski, Carlos 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
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Meditation on "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" NEAR THE CROSS NEAR THE CROSS Barr, John 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin MIT FRIED UND FREUD Zachow, Friedrich W. 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
Ah, Holy Jesus HERZLIEBSTER JESU HERZLIEBSTER JESU Lachenauer, George 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
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Jesus, Lover of My Soul ABERYSTWYTH ABERYSTWYTH Slowins, Ann 34/2, January 2012 WL620040
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Noël Suisse N/A Séjan, Nicolas 34/1, November 2011 WL620039
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Come , Thou Long-Expected Jesus STUTTGART STUTTGART Powell, Robert J. 34/1, November 2011 WL620039
In the Bleak Midwinter CRANHAM CRANHAM Christensen, David 34/1, November 2011 WL620039
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Grand plein Jeu N/A Clérambault, Louis-Nicolas 33/6, September 2011 WL620038
Communion N/A Lemmens, Jâcques-Nicolas 33/6, September 2011 WL620038
An Ancient Air N/A Clarke, Gene 33/6, September 2011 WL620038
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Tis the Gift to be Simple SIMPLE GIFTS SIMPLE GIFTS Peterson, John David 33/6, September 2011 WL620038
Now Thank We All Our God NUN DANKET ALLE GOTT NUN DANKET ALLE GOTT Staszeski, Carlos 33/6, September 2011 WL620038
We Gather Together/"We Praise Thee, O God" KREMSER KREMSER Dinda, Robin 33/6, September 2011 WL620038
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